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In recent years, I have a slave to my wife (Lisa 26), friends and lovers, and in that time has not had full sex with her or another woman, and I accept this way of life and enjoy the humiliation, continued I hope that for many years to come. It all started when my wife told me she wanted a night macandbumble on the town with two of his colleagues Claire (23) Debbie (25), who always party hard and are always looking for men to shoot, though, as Lisa, both married . I was sitting in the living room and the door opened and there were both clothed and unclothed, and gave me a kiss on the cheek and went and hugged and told Lisa that feels hot and both have been partying hard for some . Lisa kissed me and all three were shaking their ass in short skirts and once they were pulled my pants down to release his cock macandbumble and took a couple of hitches and then a film about an elderly woman out of five young blakc bolts and let nach of the imagination, and that pumps macandbumble her hard and every one of them approached her and lay with her ​​legs spread as her cum drip out. I slept, when I woke up laughing fallen, macandbumble and I looked at the door every three girls and two large BlackMen each about 30ish and was much kissing and groping, as one or two bare breasts were absorbed and then I saw Lisa disappears top with one of the men whislt Claire and Debbie walked into the room with another man named Len, and she said that Lisa was always above a good fuck by Carl and told me to fix a couple of drinks, and I got up and went to the kitchen, which was in our bedroom, and I could hear Lisa was screaming her black bull encouragemnet and macandbumble my cock again and wanted to masturbate, but took the drink and both Claire and Debbie had removed the up and kissed and feel lens package and Stod and pulled his jeans and a huge black bar was released and I couldn't macandbumble take my eyes off of them said that a girl, how I liked Claire and licked up and down the foreskin and pulled it back to show the size of giant mushroom before in the mouth. Debbie diappeared placed under his big balls hanging and took everyone in the mouth, and told Claire to bend and she got up macandbumble and leaned on him before ramming into her pussy appaeared and Lisa told me to sit down and yes she sat on my face was hungry and ordered me to lick her pussy filled with semen and opened my mouth, and falling into my mouth and I wanted more, and Carl came into the room again with a hard cock and said Lisa, suck it before them all, and went to Debbie and Len lick shit away. I took his cock in my mouth and tasted the juice mixture and wanted the cum in my mouth and after a while, did just that and went to Debbie and kissed her, letting her drink all the milk.................. morefollow at a later date
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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 01:28

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